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*Little Cutie* 


Realistic Newborn Baby *Silikon-Babygirl *Marilen* without hair !


* This little angel is my newest silicone baby.

* She is a lifelike looking, full body silicone baby! Anatomically correct!

* The pictures were taken in daylight and without camera flash.

* The little Cutie is approx. 46 tall and weighs approx. 3100 grams and wears clothes in newborn size.

* Baby Marilen has a open mouth, so she can put a real newborn pacifier in her mouth (however, she can also get a pacifier specially adapted for her (see photos).

* If you buy this baby to order, the little one will be made for you exactly as shown!

* The little girl is cast from super soft platinum silicone and feels very lifelike.

*The little Cutie is adorable ! she has no gross mistakes, only the lip color is a little bit irregular.

* Baby Marilen is subtly colored with high-quality special colors.


* This silicone baby is intended for doll collectors and adults or older children.A little child will play with the baby in a way that adults don't. A child would like to put the baby on and off several times a day, bathe and take it with him wherever he goes. The matting layer or color can fade as a result, so this baby is more intended for adults who handle the baby very carefully. If you allow a child to play with a silicone doll that is not suitable for children, this matting layer can be rubbed off slightly and the baby will get shiny spots on the silicone. This is completely normal over time, but can also be refreshed at any time.

* The baby can also be bathed very carefully, but please do not rub off after bath.

* The little cutie gets finely rooted eyelashes (in the color medium brown, see photos).


* This adorable baby comes to her new mom with: a lightly wrap doily, a cute hair bow/hat ( like the pictures), a diaper, pink-white babygirl oufit, stockings, a pacifier and a pink clinic bracelet.


* Silicone babies are handmade dolls.

* NO machine-made products, so there may be normal minor color defects or seams in the silicone, if the baby was born from a two-part shape.

* We sometimes paint imperfections to improve realism in the skin, like birthmarks or stork bites. It's not uncommon for the skin to have red spots here and there, it's all part of realism.

* This is not damage or defect and is therefore not a reason for complaint.

* If you are looking for a baby without defects, do not order a silicone baby. Do not buy if you do not agree with our business agreements.*

* Please note our terms and conditions, these apply to our silicone babies : PLEASE READ BEFORE PLACING AN ORDER our description and terms and conditions By placing an order you have read the description and accept the general terms and conditions.

* Since these are not pre-made articles, but our silicone babies are only made for you after ordering after your purchase, a return is excluded (§312d Abs.4 Clause 1 BGB - customer-specific productions). * The photos in the auctions are sample pictures that the baby will be made for you. Hair and eye color can be chosen (dark brown, dark blonde, brown or blue).


* Note: We only sell to private individuals. If you want to use one of our babies publicly for commercial purposes, you must first obtain our consent.

Shipment :

* All the dolls are shipped fully insured. Lost or damaged, must be reported and proper docs filed with the shipping company to receive the insurance: if something goes wrong during shipping buyer must file a complaint to the delivery courier.

* Please refer to your country's customs website to calculate custom fees as the buyer is responsible for all the custom fees & charges that may apply.

* I will not mark the doll as a “gift” in the custom declaration for the buyer to avoid custom fees as it is illegal. * This is a contract you have with "MeinSchnullerbaby4you".Thanks for looking!* All photos & texts are subject to our copyright MeinSchnullerbaby. Copying and / or publishing is prohibited without our consent *




*Alle Fotos & Texte unterliegen unserem Copyright Krautters*lifelike*Baby*Creation & MeinSchnullerbaby. Ein kopieren und/oder veröffentlichen ist ohne unsere Zustimmung verboten*

*Little Cutie* Full Body Silikon Baby Girl SILICONE Vollsilikon *Marilen* Nr.3

529,00 €Preis
  • GESCHÄFTSBEDINGUNGEN von Mein*Schnullerbaby4you:

    Diese Belehrung gilt ausschließlich für Rebornpuppen.Vom Widerrufsrecht ausgeschlossen sind - laut §312d Abs.4 Satz 1 BGB - kundenspezifische Anfertigungen.Absatz 4 : Das Widerrufsrecht besteht,soweit nicht ein anderes bestimmt ist,nicht bei Fernabsatzverträgen 1. zur Lieferung von Waren,die nicht vorgefertigt sind (in Handarbeit hergestellt) oder die nach Kundenspezifikation angefertigt werden oder auf die persönlichen Bedürfnisse zugeschnitten sind. * * *

    Da es kein Vorgefertigter Artikel ist,ist eine Rücknahme,Widerruf ausgeschlossen(Kundenspezifikation). Kaufen Sie nicht,wenn Sie mit unseren Geschäftsvereinbarungen nicht einverstanden sind. Durch Ihren Kauf erkennen Sie unsere Geschäftsbedingungen an.Sollte nach individueller Absprache eine Rücksendung erfolgen,trägt der Käufer die Kosten der Rücksendung der Ware.* * *

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